Back on the road to answers

I got to see my OB today. I bucked up the courage and told him straight up that I’m exhausted and I don’t think it’s normal. I told him about the pain and my fibromyalgia theory. I even told him how I’ve been hesitant because I felt doctors in the past didn’t take me seriously. It worked. He DID take me seriously. He actually told me it is quite heard of for women to develop some type of autoimmune disease post partum. So he ordered blood work to check my thyroid and a few other things again. He is also going to hook me up with a primary care doctor that he’s associated with, which is comforting because he knows me best out here. But the big thing is he didn’t dispute my idea of fibromyalgia. He didn’t make me feel like I’m a hypochondriac. I am thanking God for this doctor. He’s always put me into the exact caring hands I need.

The next thing on my agenda today that is another big step is I’m seeing a new counselor. After the one I had over two years in Monterey, I’ve become very picky. She was the absolute best. She challenged me yet supported me through a ton. I’ve tried a couple out here and, though they were nice, they just weren’t quite what I needed. I need someone who will push me like she did. I need someone who will challenge my theories. She would sometimes say something like, “well, don’t you think this?”. I would get a little attitude at first and then realize she had a point. I admired that. She wasn’t afraid of me lol.

Now that I spent most of my morning seeing the doctor and getting blood drawn, I come home and don’t feel like I can do a darn thing other than take care of these kids. Let’s see if I can get a short nap before Elli wakes up.

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