Hypochondria at its best

Still having pain. My gums even hurt. I’m gonna be calling the dentist because of it. My OB told me to call Monday to find out my test results. I’m going insane. Functionally insane. But insane nonetheless.

My anxiety is getting the better of me. I’ve been googling stuff a lot. I’ve convinced myself I have cancer lol.

I do know, though, that there is something wrong, serious or not. All I want is answers and relief. And I have to keep on playing the waiting game. My life story.

This is when I have to rely on God for my patience. I need to lean on him with my fears.

I do at least have distraction this weekend. Plenty of it. Thought I was crazy to put so much on myself, but God knew I needed it.

Tomorrow and Sunday I’m doing an open house for my businesses with a friend at her house. Should be fun especially since I’ll have her to distract me haha. We’re also having a newlywed couple friends of ours over tomorrow night for dinner. They just settled in this week. Excited for that :). Then, I started an online class this week that I need to finish the first module for. Lastly, I’m preparing two songs for review by someone on Monday, which is another story for later ;). So I have a lot to do. And it’s ask fun. Well, the school part isn’t so much. But still.

The only problem is when I go to bed and calming my mind for sleep. That’s the time I have to let my thoughts in. So time to push them out for the night.

2 thoughts on “Hypochondria at its best

  1. You are so strong, lady. I’m really glad you’re seeking answers. And I’m curious about the songs! I must know! 🙂 I’ll be praying as always. Keep up the good fight and look at those beautiful children of yours with refreshed eyes when you need to know that God loves you and is for you. Much love, beautiful.

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