It works.

No I’m not suddenly into the infamous It Works wraps lol. So don’t worry. This isn’t a direct sales post. Trying to avoid having work on here ;).

What works is the mind. And in my personal life, what helps my mind work is my faith. God. His Son, Jesus. This seems to be something I often forget.

I get so crazy trying to figure out my own remedies. Yoga, eating healthy, exercise, breathing, etc. And while this all helps, for me, it is impossible for it to take the right effect without God.

While God has the power, I believe, to just give me some big doses of strength and peace and all that, I don’t believe he always works that way. It’s working on that relationship with him that helps give those doses.

Think about it this way. You have to work on any relationship to have all the wonders that a relationship brings. In marriage, we can’t just expect the romance and feelings of passion to be there all the time. You have to work to know your partner to build and grow on that love every day.

It works similar with our relationship with God. He promises us peace and strength if we lean on him many times in the Bible. We can’t just expect it to automatically be there. He wants us to work on knowing him and building that relationship. Then we will know the peace he promises because simply just knowing him and all he promises us as his children gives us that peace and faith. Make sense? Or am I rambling? Lol

In the past few days, I’ve been suddenly inspired to read the Bible cover to cover to develop my own understanding and relationship with God. I’ve been finding a lot of questions in my mind, and I’m tired of not knowing my bible as well as I should. I want to know where to find the answers I need. And I want to know God better.

When I remember to spend this time in the word, it makes everything else a little easier. I’m finally even developing routines that work. I’m easier on myself about what I can’t get done. I’m more relaxed.

I wish I could say my depression is lot better. Unfortunately, though, it is a thorn in my flesh. While God is now helping me to handle it better, I still need help from outside sources. That’s what the knowledge is there for, right? Still struggling about what to do with weaning Remy, but I am at least trusting God better to guide me instead of worrying about it so much.

When I forget or miss spending time with God, I notice a negative difference. The total lack of motivation comes again. And the depression goes deeper and deeper. I beat myself up and tear myself down. I’m unhealthy. I’m hopeless. Back to not being myself at all.

Why is it so easy to forget as children of God how important a relationship with him is? Why do we make it such a chore? God really makes it so much simpler than we make it out to be I’m learning.

Hoping I never forget again.

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