A new journey begins

My last post I said it was only uphill. How true it was :). God is finally putting a close to my trial into better times.

It’s still a rough road. Started my new medicine and while I think it’s helping some, at the same time I think it’s making me psycho lol. I don’t know. This is the part I hate. Guinea pig time.

In the meantime, God is pouring out the blessings. My life and calling is finally taking shape. My dreams are coming true.

Financially things have been so hard for us. But that’s looking up. I just had an auction for all my thirty one stock, and it went way better than expected. As a result, I was able to buy my kit to start selling initial outfitters, which I’ve been waiting to sign up for months now. With that and gold canyon, I am now officially working. And I am working from home. Things have been rough on the direct sales road, but I have great teams and have learned a lot. I’m taking it seriously and am on the road to success. The plus? I finally love my job!

I also was able to continue my audition process with incubator records. This is huge. I’ve auditioned with them two other times in the last 8 years, but had to stop the process bc I couldn’t afford to go on. And now I can. The timing was the perfection of God’s timing.

Incubator is a company that helps the emerging artist get into an effective music ministry from a business perspective. Long story short, it is the perfect fit for me and my dreams. My calling. The biggest step in my dream.

I won’t go into detail yet, but the past few weeks, I’ve been developing an inspiration. That inspiration is to start my own business incorporating all of my many interests. It’s so exciting. I can’t wait to share it with the world.

Things are still rough. A lot of adjusting to do yet. Specifically with my house and the disaster it has become. But I’m starting to get some energy for that. Still deal with pain and fatigue, but hopefully I’ll get some answers for that soon. Another answer to prayer was that I was able to afford to start plexxus. They have a probiotic that I think will really help me, esp if I have fibromyalgia. I don’t want to take a bunch of pain pills. So if this can help in other aspects, fantastic. I actually signed up for selling it eventually so I could get it cheaper. But if it does end up helping, you bet I’m promoting it.

It’s still that rough road, but hope is within view. And I’m praising God, who is the ultimate reason and beyond.

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