Just wanted answers

I had a follow up with my new primary doctor yesterday. It’s the usual. All tests came back normal. That’s great, right? Somehow, no. It’s not great. I want answers for the pain I still deal with. I want a diagnosis bc this is not normal.

It’s gotta be fibromyalgia. Just wish they’d quit beating around the bush. I know they’re just trying to be thorough, but it’s just so obvious to me.

The doctor told me yesterday that exercise helps, and when I am sore for a week, I just gotta push through it. I can do that. I don’t want to be on a bunch of pain meds anyways.

But to be told that I basically have to deal with it? It’s still heart breaking. A new thorn in my flesh. I started crying when I told Tony yesterday.

I still go for follow ups. I go back in a month. He said 2-4 weeks. I chose a month because I didn’t see any point in two weeks unless I needed it.

BUT I can do this. I have a high tolerance for pain. The biggest thing is my new medicine is helping my depression. As a result, I’m finding more energy and a little less fatigue. Which also means my house is finally getting clean. God is still blessing me, and he will help me get through the pain. He will. I have faith in that.

I am strong. And I am strong because of Him.

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