My Big “Why,” The Deeper Reason Behind the Business

A lot of direct sales companies have us figure out our “why.” Our “why” is the reason we got into the company. A lot of people will say for the extra money, wanting to make something of themselves, etc. Personally, I have a “why” not just for my companies, but for direct sales in general.

I used to be one who got annoyed by direct sales people. Especially the one’s that pester. Truthfully the pestering one’s that bother you every day still annoy me lol. Every direct sales person is different. Some shouldn’t be doing it haha. But I think there are a lot others who should that don’t. And plenty of those out there doing it already need to KEEP AT IT and not give up!

The economy and culture we live in is the reason direct sales is so annoying and so expensive. When you look at the bigger picture, though, think about what it does for some people. While some are big companies that make money off their consultants, they still provide opportunity to have a flexible business. Supporting a direct sales company consultant can help boost the economy. A lot of it is expensive, but there is a reason for it. And there are soooo many companies out there for different people.

We are so big into Walmart and Target and all the one stop stores. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Target too lol. But if we could all pitch in a little bit with direct sales companies, think about it. Eventually this economy would rise. Direct sales companies and other private home businesses wouldn’t be so expensive anymore.

Most of these people getting into direct sales are because the income is needed, but the time and expenses needed for finding care for the kids aren’t there. Most of these people are stay at home moms just trying to help the family get by. That is part of my why.

I love a lot of the companies out there and I love doing direct sales. I can’t afford a lot of them either, though. Which is why I also do a lot of parties. Every single dollar that goes in counts toward free stuff I could be getting! But we’re all in this mindset that we could never afford this stuff and go back to the cheaper versions at walmart, target, and other million dollar department stores.

I believe in the world of direct sales and small businesses. I believe if everyone can pitch in a little bit to small businesses, this economy would boom. I do what I do because I believe in what I’m doing. And I love it. I believe it is a part of my calling. A beginning to it.

This isn’t a sales ploy to get people to join my team or buy specifically from me. This is a plea to change your mindset on direct sales and other small businesses. Help support these people in the living they are trying to make with something they love to do, whether it’s just selling a product they love through someone else or making their own product and selling it. Check out Etsy and the DSA website. Help me change this economy.

Of course, I don’t think it’s the ONLY thing that will change the economy. All of us I think following a Dave Ramsey plan would definitely contribute hahaha. Overall just budgeting our money and saving better. But direct sales is a start. Think about where you’re spending your money and why. Think about where your money is going. I’m not against people shopping at all the department stores or anything. I just think small businesses need more attention than they’re getting. And direct sales shouldn’t be looked down on so much.

Just think about it :). This is just where I stand and will stay standing.

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