A full year

It’s been a major year. Had Tony gone the first few months to have him come home early as a surprise. About a month later, Remy was born into our lives. Both huge blessings. And one super life changing. It was a very rough road for me. But my children and husband and their love have been the biggest things pulling me through.

The year is kind of ending on a rough note for me personally. I’ve still been dealing with some major depression. Haven’t wanted to tell some. I was doing better. And people knew that.

So I’ve shut myself off from the world going through this again. I feel like I’ve neglected my friends. Especially those in need. I feel like I’ve been selfish. Lazy. Ignorant.

So I apologize to those who I haven’t been there for as much. I apologize I haven’t been myself.

Know I still care. I still love all of you. Just needed to stop hiding and confess what’s really going on.

So now, here’s to a new year ahead. A new year full of new roads and new chances.

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