New Year and New Beginnings

Welcome to 2015! I am not usually one who makes a specific resolution. I am usually one who looks at a new year to set all kinda of changes in motion. I’m planning to revamp many aspects of my life this year- my business, my knowledge, my relationships, my blog, and so on and so on.

It all starts here. My blog. I’m going to include you all in my journey and share my thoughts, feelings, losses, and triumphs along the way.

Today I’d like to share about one of my goals- beating this battle of depression. If you didn’t read my last post, “One. Step. At a Time.”, you learn that I deal with SAD. In order to fight it alongside my already deepening depression, I have to have routine and STICK to it.

Part of that routine is feeling good and healthy. I try hard to eat healthy and exercise. I’ve struggled with losing my last 10-15 lbs of pregnancy weight. Sounds vain, but it really has an effect on my depression. I start to pretty much eat my feelings in forms of sweets and starchy yummy carbs. In fact, I need to shut up because I’m making myself wanting to indulge right now lol.

Thanks to my friend, Holli, who has done her research and has an extensive knowledge of the product, I am starting a journey with Plexus. OH MY GOSH YOU GOT SUCKED IN TO A WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCT!!! It’s about so much more than weight loss. I’m always skeptical about these things, but I have already tried two of their products and have noticed a difference just in my overall health. So I’m going in for a full beginning with them. Their drink mix, the Plexus Slim, is their main line of product. I tried a week’s supply once and MAN it cleans you out lol. I was peeing like crazy. I will also be receiving a supply of their ProBio 5. It is basically a probitoc. I took it for a couple months, then ran out a few weeks ago. I noticed a small difference in several small aspects of my feminine health and even my depression. I even noticed that it did a pretty good job balancing some of my cravings. Then there is the Biocleanse. I don’t actually know much about it yet other than it’s supposed to also clean your system out and is part of the Triplex combo package.

Anyways, before I go into too much detail about the product, I should be receiving this combo in a couple days. You all will know when I do ;). This is one journey I plan to share with pictures of my progress as well as statistics. I am excited to do this not only for the weight loss, but an overall improvement in my health.

That is only one step in my path with depression.

Another step is working to find a hobby to keep my hands busy. I’ve tried crocheting, and it’s hard on my joints in my fingers and wrists. Now, because of my passion for jewelry, I’m looking into making it.

I’m planning to start off simple with something like a bracelet. I’m specifically looking into cord jewelry, like faux suede or something like the pic below from Etsy-


I love this style! We shall how this road goes :).

There is so much more I want to share with my goals and what I’m doing, but I will stop for now. This is specifically work on conquering the thorn in my flesh- my depression.

I welcome all feedback and suggestions on what I should include!

2 thoughts on “New Year and New Beginnings

  1. I am exploring making jewelry myself. I bought a metal stamping kit, so I will see how that goes. I had to give up needle crafts years ago because of joint/hand problems. So I know where you are coming from.

    • That’s awesome! Had no idea you were looking into jewelry making :). I love the different kinds of cords. I might take a stab at wire earrings, too, because I hear they’re easy. Easy is a good place to start lol.

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