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An Initial Introduction

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Let me just start by saying I absolutely ADORE Initial Outfitters and being a consultant for them.

They specialize in personalized jewelry with monograms, names, words, etc. My favorite is the Generations collection-



The Generations collection is a collection of chains, pendants, and accent charms to create and personalize your own story in a necklace or charm bracelet. They have such a gorgeous selection. The first picture is an example of necklaces personalized for military families. Hits close to home for me as an Army wife.

They also have so many other items. Scarves and bags are two examples-
And stuff for the home, like wooden monograms-

I could just die! Haha I seriously love this stuff so much.

They also have their own ministry called “Charlie’s Lunch.” The sell the thermal lunch bags below in which 100 percent of the proceeds goes to lunch rooms that they have all over the world for hungry children. Check out the full story here.

This happens to be the last month for the current catalog. As a result, they have a closeout blowout sale going on for retired items, some of which are pictured below. If you’re interested in shopping, just visit my website.



I’m also excited about the monthly special! It’s the best one I’ve seen!

It is a direct sales company that does parties for hostess benefits as well. So if you are interested, I do online parties!

I’m beyond excited to continue to share this company and my journey with them with you! Let me know what you think!

Initial Outfitters consultant- http://www.initialoutfitters.net/MandyLR


Author: Mandy

I am an Herbalife coach currently located in Texas. I am a previous military wife. I have two amazing little children alongside my wonderful husband, their father. I deal with anxiety, depression, and a mood disorder and have all my life. I also have a strong faith in God and trust in Him to help me through all of it. He's given me a passion of helping others through my gifts in the same way I have been helped. The purpose of this blog is to share my journeys in my mental health as a way to inspire and encourage those who read.

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