Jewelry Journey

Today I went somewhere in a car for the first time since Christmas Eve! Pathetic. I have my depression to thank for that, really lol. But I went shopping with no kids, thanks to the hubby being home. Went to Target to do some stock up shopping. Then, I went to Hobby Lobby to research and browse my jewelry making options. I bought two books and two charms for my first projects.


The tools and stuff I’ll be buying on Amazon most likely as they are cheaper.

Going back on the topic of depression, I wanted to share an article I re-found in my timehop app from a year ago on Facebook- The girl talks about depression and how its severity is so misunderstood. So many people post about how horrible and depressing their lives are and taking that term lightly. I saw it a lot more in my college age years. This girl says she was diagnosed at 14. I can really relate to her as I was diagnosed at 15.

I remember the struggle in high school. Getting judged. Feeling judged. Judging myself. And sometimes, these things are still a struggle and something I have to deal with. It is hard to understand if you’ve never experienced it yourself. I feel it all the time.

“Just get over it. Keep your chin up. Be happy. Suck it up.” If only it was so easy.

Anyways, please read the article. It has a good standpoint.

Initial Outfitters consultant-

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