A Discouraged Dreamer

I have always been a dreamer. Big on “following your dreams.” I still am. I believe everyone has a gift and passions and has them for a reason- to use them.

But that doesn’t mean there won’t be times of discouragement. Times when it feels like those dreams are going down the drain.

Today I feel discouraged. It’s simply because I had a lead for someone signing up to join me on my business team, but they chose a different path. Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad they went where they felt led. I don’t want anyone to join me for the wrong reasons, like out of guilt or impulsiveness. And I, of course, harbor no hard feelings toward them at all. But it’s still a disappointment.

I am the only consultant for this company within a few hours away. It’s kind of lonely. I’d love for someone to take this journey with me. I have a passion for Initial Outfitters and am not giving up on them. But it’s hard starting out. I don’t have a huge inventory or an extensive knowledge. That will come with time. I just don’t want to feel alone in my business.

The fact that there is passion, though, is what keeps me going. I love it. And I’m growing. And I’m working toward my bigger dream.

What is my bigger dream? I want to start my own business. Yes, I have one with direct sales. But I mean one big business. Direct sales would be included as well as my music ministry, my own jewelry, and whatever other services I can offer. It even includes this blog. It’s a major work in progress with a very long way to go, but I have hope and belief that this is where God wants me to go. So I keep going. Trial and error, I push through.

You can do anything you set your mind to. And the key to success is learning from our failures. The key to fighting discouragement is remembering that. This didn’t work, so try again or try something else. Think of Thomas Edison. He tried and tried and tried and tried again till he came up with the light bulb. Actually, I have a photo from Pinterest that lists several famous people who failed several times before their big success. It’s encouraging.

Really says a lot, doesn’t it?

On the topic of my business, I am still working to get 100 Charlie’s Lunchboxes sold to support the cause and feed children all over the world who need it. One lunchbox feeds one child for a month! Imagine what at least 100 could do!

(From the catalog)

(From http://www.charlieslunch.com)

To shop, you can visit this link here- http://www.initialoutfitters.net/shop/catalog.aspx?eventId=E51593&from=DIRECTLINK.

100 percent of the profits goes to the Charlie’s Lunch ministry. It’s a great cause for a great purpose.

Initial Outfitters consultant- http://www.initialoutfitters.net/MandyLR


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