Pave Another Road


This is my new inspiration. I’ve had a revelation that the way I’ve been going about some things just hasn’t been right. I’m not talking just about business either. All aspects of my life.

For example, I have let my last two years of high school define me. I’ve let the past dig away into me. But letting things that happened in high school reflect who I am? Really? I was dumb and learning in high school. We all were. Am I right?

So we’ve all heard it- just “let it go.”

In aspects of my business, I discovered yesterday that I had two people unlike my Facebook page. I took it so personally and almost cried. Kinda sad, really.

What I came to realize, though, is that it wasn’t so much a failure as an opportunity. An opportunity to learn. I need to research and figure out better methods.

This is where my picture above comes in. I need to pave another road to walk on. Put the past in the past and be who I am. Try new things and be confidant in what I’m doing.

God is on and by my side anyways. What have I got to lose?

So the first thing I’m going to try- work hard but not TOO hard. I overdo it sometimes. Time to slow it down a notch. Basically, stress needs to be out of the picture. I need to breathe.

Second thing- confidence. Not be afraid to be me. I don’t need a script or crutches to do what is in my heart. Just an outline and a hand to guide me.

Third thing- take every mistake, every failure, every hard climb as opportunity. Steps toward success. Keys to open the next door.

More strategies to come I’m sure as I pave a clear path!

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