Research Well Spent

The time has come. Research review.

If you all remember, I did a survey on direct sales in hopes to better improve my business and everyone’s. So here are the results I got and my research and responses based on them.

Question #1-

What is the first thing you think when you see an invite for a direct sales company party? Please comment with why you chose your answer.


question 1

Most comments I got said that most of the time they just didn’t have the money for it. This doesn’t surprise me as I often have that problem myself. My response to that is this- You don’t always have to purchase. With events, just participate and have fun! If you can’t buy, you can’t buy! No problem :). We’ve all been there. Another thing- you don’t have to spend $100. Most companies have something you can buy at minimal price. Every little bit helps toward a party especially!

One comment I got said this- “I don’t like getting invites from other direct sales reps unless it is a mystery hostess event. I think DS reps who don’t get hostesses are being lazy. If it is an invite from a friend who is hosting a party, I don’t mind. It just depends on if it is something I’m interested in or not.” At first, my response was “ouch.” I have done a lot of virtual parties without a specific hostess. So this one made me think. My view on this is that we should work harder to find hosts; and when we don’t have hosts, do a mystery host! I mean, that’s incentive right there! Personally, I don’t think I’ve worked hard enough to find hosts. And this was something that spoke to me. You gotta work hard to have success. You can’t expect the work to be done for you. Ya know? So thank-you for that comment whoever gave it!

Question #2-

When you want to see posts by a consultant for direct sales, do you prefer a FB group, page, or their personal timeline?


2nd question

I’m actually surprised anyone said personal timeline. This has been a constant thing showing that people do NOT want to constantly see sales in their newsfeed. Pages were definitely in the majority, though. So if you do not have a business Facebook page, I recommend you create one.

There is one comment that I think is worth mentioning- “I HATE being added to a group without my permission. HATE it!! Start a biz page and share it with me, give me the choice to like it or not. I don’t mind if people share posts on their personal pages.”

I don’t always mind being added to a group, personally, because you have the option to opt out of notifications. And you can leave it.

HOWEVER, on topic of groups and events, here is my view based on observation- I do NOT think groups should be used as events.

Reason one- groups exist forever. You can’t delete them. Or cancel them. You can only leave them. Once events are over, they might still be there, but you’ll no longer see them without looking for them. Less clutter.

Reason two- if you want to make another event out of it, it’s not as easy to just add people who aren’t in it anymore. You gotta look through to see who isn’t in it. My thinking, too, would be if that person left the group, don’t add them back to it even if it’s completely different.

Reason three- you can track things better on events. You can see who is going or hopes to go. Those rsvp’s will also get the notifications and kept better up to date.

All in all, I’ve decided that I like events better. And I like pages better. They give people more choice. Giving people more choice is a customer service.

If you have a different opinion, I’m completely open to hear it! Just personally, I don’t like  adding people to a group without their permission. I miss when you used to be able to invite people to a group.

Question #3-

How often would you prefer to see posts from consultants? Please comment on why you chose your answer.


question 3

So this was a big one for me. I was starting to feel like I post too much. Sometimes I even posted more than once a day. This shows that that’s gotta stop. So here you go, fellow direct sales reps. I’d say keep it at 2 to 3 times a week. We don’t want to rely completely on social media anyways, right?

I want to actually share all the comments I received-

“I don’t like advertising taking up my newsfeed.” Not surprising. As I said earlier, this seems like a common Facebook complaint.

“Everyday could seem too pushy and once a week may leave me forgetting, so 2-3 times a week would be awesome.” Sounds extremely reasonable. The forgetting thing sounds like my brain, too lol.

“I’m broke and don’t like to be reminded I can’t buy things.” This made me lol haha. Too true, my friend. Too true.

“Once a week for normal business sales 2-3 if doing a fundraiser.” This is an interesting suggestion. Might actually be a good thing to experiment with.

Question #4-

Explain some things you would like to see less of and things you would like to see more of in relation to direct sales.

This was one with comments only. A few worth quoting-

“Keeping the post to the group only and not on the group, on their separate page, and on their personal page because then it just makes triple of everything.” Very good point. Let’s keep our posts in one place, people. Preferably our groups or pages. I think it’s different, though, if you share your post on an advertising group.

“More fundraisers, more info on products. sometimes it’s hard to see the info in pictures posted or in online catalogs if you can’t make a party. Being pushy and rude or stepping on each other’s toes I would like to see less of.” This is great to point out how misunderstood the product can be if someone can’t make a party. I think next on my agenda will be to research how to give more information on those who can’t see it. This is something I have been trying to figure out. We know our product is great, but we’ve seen and touched it. How do we give the same to our customers without those sensations?

It saddens me how many reps are pushy and rude. I’d like to see less and less of that as well. Unfortunately, those type are all out there somewhere and always will be. But it would be great if we could lessen the frequency.

“Actual customer service. Pick up the phone and get off Facebook. Do customer care calls and check in with me to see if I need anything.” Wow. Very to the point. Bam. Something I think we all needed to hear. I miss the “old fashioned” ways myself. This is something I’d like to research as well. Just curious how many people do actually wish we’d call them.

“How the products benefit me and not the seller, yay for everyone that sells nerium but come on people tell me what the product will do for me, not how it will increase your earnings if I join your team.” How true this is. We really need to point out how our products will benefit people, not just about how great they are and how great our company is. People need convinced if they’re gonna throw their money away on something. And as far as adtvertising the opportunity, people still need to be convinced of the product first.

“New items, Sales, and clearance.” Alright companies. The people have spoken. Give us more deals to offer our customers! Direct sales companies do at least offer the party benefits. However, people do still have to buy for someone to get those benefits. In my opinion, sometimes the monthly deals or whatever aren’t always good enough. Again, though, I think that can depend on how well people understand the product that is on special. Details! Convince them as to why they need it.

Question #5-

Overall, what is your opinion of direct sales and why?

Again, this was comments only. There was one that I’d like to share-

“I prefer a personal touch. Sometimes people are overly aggressive and I don’t like that. I think that it makes some people selfish. I prefer the approach where personal attention is given and where the person recognizes that they are providing a Service. Pushy people are a turn off to me. ” This I think is the most important comment of all in the entire survey. We need to make things personal. Make people feel like they are important to us as a customer. You heard it here. I know I sometimes get too much into the drone of sales. Let’s make our businesses unique. I think people see too much of the same ramblings with sales people. Give them something different apart from the product.

That is the gist of what I got from the survey. I didn’t get as much response as I wanted, but I got enough to go off of. I’m glad for what I got and think it was useful.

How about you? I’m curious on everyone else and their opinion on the results. Give me some feedback :).

2 thoughts on “Research Well Spent

  1. You can delete groups. You have to delete every single member first and then delete yourself as group admin. Then it asks you if you’d like to delete the group. Just FYI.

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