We All Have a Story


Heartache. Love. Grief. Passion. Regret. No matter the topic, everyone has a story to tell. Nobody leads a perfect non-eventful life. We all are human. We have emotions. We have feelings. We make mistakes. And we triumph.

Our story creates our purpose. The lives we lead become a light to others.

My story becomes more real everyday. I’ve learned so much through my depression and my faults and failures in life. I hope to also help and teach others through those experiences.

I’m still learning, too. I will learn till the day I die. But as a result, I can teach beyond my life.

So where is this coming from? Well, I’ve hit a slump today. Those pits and stabs of depression return. So strong my kids felt the vibes. In my slumps, I have to remind myself and take joy in the fact that I am strong and will push through. Then I can help others push through.

This blog is one way I hope to help. I don’t tell you all these things for a pity party or to depress others. I tell you these things so that when you experience anything remotely close, you will know that you’re not alone and that you’re strong as well.

Another way I can help is by the services I offer. I do hair. Yes, I have a cosmetology license. As a result, I can help people feel pampered and listen to them as they talk.

I can even help through direct sales. Simply by offering above average customer service. Give them a shopping experience they’ll appreciate.

Then there’s my music. My music is my truest gift. Yet, I so often forget it and neglect it. And it’s time I remembered. I sing, write music, and play a little piano to it. It helps me release. But it is also my biggest calling.

All these aspects are things I want to incorporate into my business. My big dream. My big story to share behind it all.

What I like about the saying above is the way it makes me view all the people around me. I don’t hate anyone. They’re may be done people I don’t really like, but I at least know they have a story and a reason for who they are. They have experienced hardship in some form and are human. Because of that thought process, I can cut people some slack and love them.

So what’s your story, and how will you use it to help those around you?

Initial Outfitters consultant- http://www.initialoutfitters.net/MandyLR


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