From Darkness to a Cracked Window


How powerful that is. How meaningful. You want to shine in your life, you gotta put up with some hard times. Am I right?

I have reached another ultimate low with this lovely depression of mine. It’s been rough for my whole family.

But I’ve seen a blessing in it. Through it all, I’ve always wanted to help others who experience the same so that they know they’re not alone. My number one dream was to do this through music.

When I’m at my lowest like this is one of the times I get inspiration for my songs. My music is getting attention again after, sadly, a few months. My hands write, my keyboard plays, and my heart sings. There is nothing like it.

So there is a crack of light coming through this darkness. There is some excitement.

Things are looking up for business! The most exciting thing is a new catalog!


I’m beyond impatient for my new stock to get here! So much gorgeous new jewelry I can’t stand it! Haha

I’ve also been picking up making some jewelry again. I’ve added earrings into the mix.



I even sold a couple of my original necklaces. My first sale!

If you are unfamiliar with depression, generally it makes everything you enjoyed doing before sound very unappealing. So the fact that I’m doing some things I enjoy is a good sign and also therapy. Sometimes it takes some pushing.

So let the shining begin amidst the fading darkness!

Initial Outfitters consultant-

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