Doubting the Drive


I think this is my biggest struggle. Believing in myself. Believing I have the strength and the will power to make my dreams come true.

In my eyes, though, our passions don’t just come from nowhere. I believe God gives us all our passions and for a reason. So why be so doubtful of success? Why be so doubtful of ourselves? Aren’t we just insulting God by doing so?

I have a passion for music. I have a passion for writing it and performing it, sharing it with others in hopes that God might touch their lives through me. I don’t have a passion for teaching. I don’t have a passion for conducting, directing, or anything behind the scenes. So I perform. At least that is the direction I feel led for now. I have been sure of it all my life, just the way to get there and achieve has changed several times.

I also have a passion for direct sales and having my own business. I’ve been getting myself in and out of it for the past maybe 5 or 6 years. Most of it was just finding the right company. But I always enjoyed doing it. I like building a relationship with my customers. I like placing their orders and also putting them together and delivering them. There has to be a reason I keep doing it, right? I believe I have finally found the perfect company for me, too. It just feels right. Giving up feels wrong in the times I fail. Initial Outfitters holds my values, they function as a whole team, they are personal, and their products (especially jewelry) perfectly fit my style. I have never loved a company more.

All in all, I have a passion for serving people. Helping people. I especially hope to help people who go through the same things as me. Depression, anxiety, miscarriages, parenting, marriage, direct sales, etc. And these are the ways I believe God is leading me to do so.

Point is, I believe in my passions. So why not believe in myself? Why is that so hard?

With that in mind, I can more easily believe in my ability to achieve and succeed. I can fail and learn with confidence to work my way to success.

2 thoughts on “Doubting the Drive

  1. Hello again Pickles!

    Just wanted to say that I liked reading your post, as always and it got me thinking so thank you for the inspiration, maybe I should write more things similar to this! But first I must finish all my ‘pillar posts’.

    Any way keep up the good work, It makes a good read.

  2. wOOt you’re back! Glad to see you back in action hun.

    Your entry’s got me thinking: why are we more inclined to agree to the negative than the positive? Being positive doesn’t necessarily mean being ignorant, right? Maybe that’s why it’s easier to agree to the negative than the positive: because positivity has become stigmatized with ignorance.

    If you ever feel like you’re on your own with what you want to do in regards to direct selling, be sure to check out my latest entry. I can honestly swear that God answered my prayers. He really did!

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