I’m Already Strong


Took this picture after reflecting on the strength I felt after the workout at Breakthrough Nutrition Thursday night. Then, I began to reflect even further. I feel stronger in more ways than one.

Every day I feel stronger. Physically. Mentally. Spiritually. I keep wondering who the heck I’ve become with the walls I’ve been breaking down lately. I realize that I don’t need to wonder. The answer is right there. I am me. I am who God intended me to be, and He is just opening my eyes to it.

But, dude, my life is far from perfect. I’ve still got my rough moments and my rough days. Been having quite a bit lately where I often don’t feel strong. But what’s different now is where I’m standing at the end of the day. It’s the fact that I am standing at all. I stand because I am strong at the end of the day from whatever happened throughout its course. Good or bad. I’ve learned to look at how I can learn from it and figure what I need to repeat our what I need to change.

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