Something to Hold You Off

Hey to all my followers! I just wanted you to know that I have not abandoned my blog :). I have had a lot on my mind to blog about and have just been typing up different posts and adding as things come to mind and the inspiration comes. My kids don’t let me sit down very often to just keep typing and typing hahaha.

So, to keep you occupied, I will do some short posts, too.

Exciting things are happening in life. A good portion of the team I’m under with Herbalife have started an #absforchristmas challenge. It is done through a private group on Facebook, and anyone in the country (even some outside the country) can join in. There is a registration fee, and with that fee participants get a sample of Herbalife as well as daily workouts, weekly meal plans, and nutrition coaching all posted on the group. The most amazing part is all of the participation in it! Everyone involved can post in the group. Anything from a a selfie or picture of their meal to just a motivational quote. There has already been so much support and motivation through everyone in the group. It’s awesome. Even helping me to strive for my goals, which is to get stronger and build muscle now. Gettin’ them gains!!

abs for christmas

Registration ends the end of the day Saturday, 11/21/15, so get with me if you’re interested!

Dealing with SAD has been difficult. Very difficult. But keeping my mind in a positive state and remembering to breathe has usually been the first steps to success in fighting this. I WILL get through this, with God by my side the whole way. He has my back. And this challenge we’re doing is helping me look forward.

So encouraging words for the day? Do NOT give up. When you fall, just get right back up and even keep going.


Have a fantastic day!




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