The Gift of Peace

I know the struggle of this time of year. I know how hard it is to fight that struggle. And there are many different reasons for struggle. The weather changes. It’s colder. More darkness than sunlight. Sometimes that’s true not just in the literal sense, but in the emotional sense. There is more food. More tasty things to eat and indulge in. There is also more stress. “What will I buy for that person?” or “what material possession in the world is going to make them happy?”. So much shopping. So much time and money spent looking for things that will make our loved ones’ faces light up when they see it.Then we are so determined to get that gift for someone that we’ll go to great lengths to get a good deal on it. Fight over it. Demand it. All because our wallets are already broken.
What have we turned this time of the year into? The things that should matter the most are the reasons for the season. If you are a believer in the Bible, it solely exists to celebrate the birth of our Savior. And as a result, it brings us all together. Unites us. Or it should anyways. It is suppsosed to be extra time to spend with those we love. There is nothing wrong with sharing gifts or eating good food. But it is where our hearts and our actions were in line with how we got that gift. Or why we ate that food.
Did you buy that gift because you didn’t want that person to not feel special? Did you yell and scream to get that price because you can’t afford to pay for it?
Did you eat so much food because you’re stressed and it gives you comfort? Did you indulge in your meals because it was what seemed most appealing?
I’m not here to give a guilt trip. And I’m not here just to wake you alone up. We all need our eyes opened. We need to be reminded of who we are. And why we do what we do. Observe the true heart behind our actions.
This goes for depression. This goes for anxiety. This goes for self esteem. Weight issues. An empty wallet.
Don’t wait for the Holidays to be over to make changes in what you know will help you become YOU. Become a happier you. Someone with a sense of peace somewhere inside of you. You and you alone have the power over your mind and where it goes.
Let everything you do be done with a sense of peace. Don’t worry about what others think. Go with your heart, not your brain. God speaks through our hearts because that is where He lives should we accept Him.
Do you want to lose weight or get healthier because you know that you will feel better? And that the road there will make you stronger. Don’t wait. Change your habits now. NOW. Not after the Holidays. Not with the new year. The time is NOW. Let those you spend time with during this time of year sense the gift of peace that you receive.
Do you want to work through depression? Anxiety? Your entire mental health. Make changes NOW. Whether you are affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or just have dealt with this your whole life, it is NOT something you HAVE to accept and live with. It is something that you can accept as a battle you WILL win and learn to conquer every single time it attacks. Don’t wait for spring to come. Don’t wait for death, and along those lines, please do not make death come before its time. Make changes now so you also can provide a gift of peace.
Whatever situation you are in in which you know you need to change, most of all, know that you are NOT alone. You are NEVER alone. Reach out for support. Find someone you know will help you. Find someone you can go down this road with.
God knows that I am one who struggles. Who IS for sure struggling. If you’re willing, let me help you. Let’s walk beside each other. Let’s win the gift of peace that God’s grace allows us.

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