Restored and Renewed

These past few months of my life have been a journey. Granted, my entire life has been a journey. But this one had a new qualification.


God knows my life has been full of growth and new lessons learned. Many big lessons. But each journey just becomes bigger and bigger. Until I make it home.

This time I went all out in determination. I deactivated my personal Facebook page. You would not believe the freedom this gave me. So much negativity that it produced in me personally was let go. It allowed me to focus on my relationship with Jesus. To rediscover who I am in him and my Father in Heaven. To rebuild my confidence and purpose.

During this time I also had a couple weeks without my kids, who went to Ohio with grandparents. Then I proceeded to take the roughly 16 hour drive by myself to join them for a few more weeks. Some of you will be like, “WAT?! I didn’t know this!!” Yeah, I didn’t tell a whole lot of people. I promise it is nothing personal to those I might have been able to see. I just needed the time to relax with my family.

Now I’m back. I’ve made a whole new start. Routines, relationships, and career. This restoration period is over, and I’m ready to step out fresh.

So, what does that mean? Oh, it means so much! But here is the gist.

First, what role does Herbalife now play? Well, I am no longer a distributor. Long story short, a lot of changes were made where it became more difficult for me to remain in my status, especially considering the period of time ahead for me. So I stepped down to being a preferred member. Will I ever sell it again? Maybe. But it’s not in my path right now.

What IS in my path right now in terms of nutrition is still helping others, just without monetary gain. I still have a passion about nutrition and the impact it can have on our entire life. I still want to share what I have learned and what I think can help for each individual according to their own needs. So you still can absolutely hit me up for help!

Second, on that note,  there have been a lot of new things I have learned about myself and nutrition in general. A LOT. I am dying to share every detail, too. But I don’t want to suddenly overwhelm anyone by ambushing you all with my knowledge vomit.

Third, my original true calling was to the gifts that God graced me with. Those are expression in writing and music. I have many ambitions and visions in so many different areas of expertise. Ultimately, though, it all comes down to being able to help people in the ways that I have been helped. I can share my experiences and what I’ve learned right here with you to inspire and encourage you. And I can go even deeper in expressing the feelings that came with the experiences through music and worship to God.

All in all, exciting times are ahead. And bit by bit, I will be sharing all the details of what I’ve learned in the past few months and the months to come. I invite you to learn and grow with me!



One thought on “Restored and Renewed

  1. I love this! We all need times of restoration, and it can seem impossible when we’re stuck in our day-to-day drone. But I’m SO glad you got some of that time to reevaluate and that you felt the Lord move you. I love you so much, lady, and hope this restoration and refreshment sticks around for years to come!

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