A New Day

Things have been rough mentally lately. Thought I was shaking it off, but no, the devil is still out to get me.

For those unaware, hubby is getting out of the military in less than a month. We’re becoming civilians. During the course of the last couple of months, he has been taking a class that will in the long run get him certifications and job experience in his fields of interest. It’s really such a blessing that he got in this class, especially when he did.

But the thing is, he doesn’t have a job yet. This class gets done only days before the day he is officially out. So we are left with uncertainty of what’s next. Where we’ll be. What we’ll do. The next adventure that lies before us.

There’s a key word there. Adventure. Adventure is a journey without┬áseeing what is ahead. That is when we turn our eyes to God. Trust that He will take care of us in the here and now. As well as in our future. Faith is trusting in our adventure. It is believing in something we cannot see. And something we don’t always understand 100%.

In looking at it this way, it gives me some hope and excitement. It helps give me a peace. Kind of an odd peace haha. But a peace nonetheless. And there is nothing like peace from God.

I can tell that I must be doing things right in some way. With the state of our circumstances, my anxiety and depression are really trying to take me over. My house is becoming a disaster again. Business is suffering. My relationships suffer. And everything suffers because I suffer inside. So when I suffer, I realize, I must be doing something right for the devil to attack me this way. So all I have to do is continue to try and do my best. And the biggest thing I can do for any aspect of my life is work on personal development. Work on changing myself. I’m going to need work the rest of my life anyways, so why not keep trucking? Working on myself, especially during my suffering times, is only going to make me stronger and stronger. I will only be prepared for extra joy in the good times and for maintaining a joy in bad times.

One thing that I think will help me is getting back into my blog. I love sharing my experiences and insights with others because I’d like to think I might reach someone else out there who might feel like they are alone. Plus, it is a way of me reaching out and reminding people that I am not perfect in any way, shape, or form. It is a way to keep myself from hiding when I feel pressure to be perfect.

So here I am :). Trying still to make my come back.

You might say I have officially started my YouTube channel. You can click here to see my introduction. It’s the only video I have on there at this moment in time lol. The whole video thing is super new to me, and I avoided it so long because I wanted to perfect it. But I think the only way to do that is to just jump right in and learn as I go. So you have me in raw form lol. Don’t expect perfection. I very much welcome feedback and opinions as I do this. I want to learn and hope all of you can learn alongside me.

Videos I will be trying to tie in mostly with this blog. I plan to do videos on Herbalife products along with some nutrition and fitness tips, short videos of encouragement and inspiration and just sharing some thoughts, and even some videos of my singing and worship. These are my passions. God called me to share my gifts. So I’m going to stop being afraid to get out there and share my joys with you :). Again, it’s all new, esp doing the music lol so dude, bear with me. I am only human. And I can be a ditsy one at that. So, anyways, here is to a new start and a new day!!



We All Have a Story


Heartache. Love. Grief. Passion. Regret. No matter the topic, everyone has a story to tell. Nobody leads a perfect non-eventful life. We all are human. We have emotions. We have feelings. We make mistakes. And we triumph.

Our story creates our purpose. The lives we lead become a light to others.

My story becomes more real everyday. I’ve learned so much through my depression and my faults and failures in life. I hope to also help and teach others through those experiences.

I’m still learning, too. I will learn till the day I die. But as a result, I can teach beyond my life.

So where is this coming from? Well, I’ve hit a slump today. Those pits and stabs of depression return. So strong my kids felt the vibes. In my slumps, I have to remind myself and take joy in the fact that I am strong and will push through. Then I can help others push through.

This blog is one way I hope to help. I don’t tell you all these things for a pity party or to depress others. I tell you these things so that when you experience anything remotely close, you will know that you’re not alone and that you’re strong as well.

Another way I can help is by the services I offer. I do hair. Yes, I have a cosmetology license. As a result, I can help people feel pampered and listen to them as they talk.

I can even help through direct sales. Simply by offering above average customer service. Give them a shopping experience they’ll appreciate.

Then there’s my music. My music is my truest gift. Yet, I so often forget it and neglect it. And it’s time I remembered. I sing, write music, and play a little piano to it. It helps me release. But it is also my biggest calling.

All these aspects are things I want to incorporate into my business. My big dream. My big story to share behind it all.

What I like about the saying above is the way it makes me view all the people around me. I don’t hate anyone. They’re may be done people I don’t really like, but I at least know they have a story and a reason for who they are. They have experienced hardship in some form and are human. Because of that thought process, I can cut people some slack and love them.

So what’s your story, and how will you use it to help those around you?

Initial Outfitters consultant- http://www.initialoutfitters.net/MandyLR

The Introverted Salesperson

I’d like to write in response to an article I got thanks to WAHLeaders. It’s called “Is Network Marketing Right for You?“.

It truly put into good words what I feel about direct sales and just small businesses in sales in general. It put it into better perspective for me, too, and made me more sure that it is in fact right for me.

It points out that everyone’s experience will determine their viewpoint on network marketing and that it can sometimes lead us in the wrong way. From there, it goes on to say how much network marketing, especially in direct sales, has grown just in the last 10 years and why.

The first part that got me was where it said that people are starting to get into home businesses more because they’re “tired of the corporate rat race.” How true that seems to me. Every day I grow a stronger and stronger disposition to corporations out there. I hate working for them, too. Wal-Mart is a big one I often scowl at, especially with how they treat their employees. If you currently work or have worked for them, I actually admire you. I can’t imagine the hustle and bustle of working for them.

I’ve worked for Sally Beauty Supply and Cosmoprof as far as retail corporations go. While I liked their product and selling it, it was the companies I did not like working for. It was too…what’s the word…pressured. Even in comparison to direct sales and the goals you strive for. In direct sales, the goals and incentives they give you aren’t requirements, though. In the corporate world, they are. Where I worked, if you didn’t sell a certain amount of POM’s (Products of the Month), you got in trouble. All in all, the corporate world is too big and too greedy. I feel they contribute poorly to our economy. This article compares it by listing the benefits of getting into a home business or network marketing, which are mainly just a ton of aspects of flexibility.

Next is where the article really starts to pull me in. Everyone knows that network marketing is all about selling, right? Well, according to this article, wrong. It calls this a “myth.” So this being the typical way we look at it, we tend to steer clear of it if we don’t see ourselves as the type to sell things. However, most of those who are successful in the network marketing world actually tend to be introverts. Introverts typically keep to themselves, right?

Well, I am an introvert. I never used to see myself as a salesperson or someone who might have my own business. I didn’t think I had the smarts for it. I’m still not a “salesperson” per say. I can do sales. But I do it in a manner of passion and sincerity. Not saying the typical “salesperson” isn’t genuine or in the wrong profession. If they’re good at even selling something they’re not passionate about, then hey, whatever works! But me, I sell things I believe wholeheartedly in. Working at Sally’s and Cosmoprof, I might have liked the product and was able to sell it sometimes. But I wasn’t always comfortable with it. We were often required to sell one certain product. That product wasn’t always necessarily something I liked or truly believed in. And if I really didn’t like it, I still told people.

Working the way I do allows me more freedom to be genuine and honest. I picked companies that I love. I did my research and fell in love with the product AND the company. With that in mind, I’m more confidant in myself and what I’m doing.

The way technology has advanced opens even more doors for introverts, too. The article points out how, because of this, where we are located in geographic terms doesn’t matter anymore. Meetings, trainings, and even virtual parties can now be done through live webinars. Having online stores and websites is another aid in this.

“The truth of the matter is if you are looking at network marketing as having to make sales every day, you are defeating yourself before you even start.” BAM. This is where people get turned off all the time. I know because I used to be one of those people! Being successful is not determined by selling more than the next person. Too often I see so much competitiveness in direct sales people. That is not the right way to go about it. We are ALL a team in my eyes because we are all trying to make something of ourselves. If you’re only in it to make sales and beat everyone else, I would rethink your “why.” Think about exactly why you are doing this or considering it. Basically, in the end, it is about the customer service and the kind of person you are to your customers. And if the product your selling provides a solution to someone’s problem, you are providing them a service. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. If you believe in your product and/or company, you believe it can make someone else happy.

I highly recommend reading the article itself if you have been looking into starting your own business in direct sales and network marketing. Or if you’ve already gotten into it and are feeling discouraged. I was very glad I found it.

A Discouraged Dreamer

I have always been a dreamer. Big on “following your dreams.” I still am. I believe everyone has a gift and passions and has them for a reason- to use them.

But that doesn’t mean there won’t be times of discouragement. Times when it feels like those dreams are going down the drain.

Today I feel discouraged. It’s simply because I had a lead for someone signing up to join me on my business team, but they chose a different path. Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad they went where they felt led. I don’t want anyone to join me for the wrong reasons, like out of guilt or impulsiveness. And I, of course, harbor no hard feelings toward them at all. But it’s still a disappointment.

I am the only consultant for this company within a few hours away. It’s kind of lonely. I’d love for someone to take this journey with me. I have a passion for Initial Outfitters and am not giving up on them. But it’s hard starting out. I don’t have a huge inventory or an extensive knowledge. That will come with time. I just don’t want to feel alone in my business.

The fact that there is passion, though, is what keeps me going. I love it. And I’m growing. And I’m working toward my bigger dream.

What is my bigger dream? I want to start my own business. Yes, I have one with direct sales. But I mean one big business. Direct sales would be included as well as my music ministry, my own jewelry, and whatever other services I can offer. It even includes this blog. It’s a major work in progress with a very long way to go, but I have hope and belief that this is where God wants me to go. So I keep going. Trial and error, I push through.

You can do anything you set your mind to. And the key to success is learning from our failures. The key to fighting discouragement is remembering that. This didn’t work, so try again or try something else. Think of Thomas Edison. He tried and tried and tried and tried again till he came up with the light bulb. Actually, I have a photo from Pinterest that lists several famous people who failed several times before their big success. It’s encouraging.

Really says a lot, doesn’t it?

On the topic of my business, I am still working to get 100 Charlie’s Lunchboxes sold to support the cause and feed children all over the world who need it. One lunchbox feeds one child for a month! Imagine what at least 100 could do!

(From the catalog)

(From http://www.charlieslunch.com)

To shop, you can visit this link here- http://www.initialoutfitters.net/shop/catalog.aspx?eventId=E51593&from=DIRECTLINK.

100 percent of the profits goes to the Charlie’s Lunch ministry. It’s a great cause for a great purpose.

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